Question Mark, OH’S only towing service.

Whether you are having an automotive emergency, want to enforce commercial or residential parking violations, or simply want to store your vehicle, motorcycle, RV, or boat, Towns Towing is the place for you.

Winter in Question Mark sometimes creates difficult parking issues. Special town events such as parades and pageants and catastrophes with fire, flood, and time can also create a number of parking hazards, but Towns Towing is here to help. Our experienced tow-truck drivers will get you towed safely and quickly. In addition, as of 10-11-22, all customers have the option of choosing their own music on the way to the tow-yard.

Towns Towing also offers a variety of used vehicles and auto parts for sale. Looking for that missing part? Stop by Towns Towing and dig it up, it's probably out on our lot somewhere.

About the Towns Family.

As many of you know, the Towns family have been an important part of Question Mark from the very beginning. First arriving in Ohio in 1851, Cain Towns was an indentured servant belonging to the McDonnell-Dupree family. A local judge told the McDonnell-Dupree family that under the new Ohio law banning slavery, indentured servants were no longer allowed. However, Cain, only twelve-years-old at the time, was forced to continue working for the family until he turned twenty-one. The McDonnell-Duprees were obligated to provide food, clothes, and reading lessons, but did not pay Cain for his work. Once he turned twenty-one, Cain left the McDonnell-Dupree family and joined a local stable, where he learned to care for horses. Some say, as a stablehand, he was without peer. Others claim he stole a prize-winning white horse and sold it in Cincinnati before he returned two years later to open a stable of his own.

Whether it was Cain’s avarice or the result of a lack of inherited wealth, bad luck seemed to haunt our family for centuries! Most famous is Grimsby Towns who was known for being electrocuted more than five times as a worker at the local power plant and was eventually paid by the power company to no longer report to work. He later disappeared for a year and claimed to have fallen down a mysterious well. Unfortunately, Grimbsy’s younger cousin Darren Towns also became infamous for his Anti-Moon League, after the Moon Landing in 1969, when he whipped local citizens into a frenzy about forthcoming Moon Invaders. Other, younger generations of Towns family members have of late found themselves in trouble and on the wrong side of the law.

But the truth is our familiarity with calamity and our questionable family history is the reason we are so good in difficult situations! Find yourself locked out of your car? Call on Towns. Car won’t start? Call on Towns. Need a place to store your car or boat for the winter? Call on Towns.